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Michael Antonorsi
Executive Chef of Chuao Chocolatier

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Chuao Chocolatier (chew-WOW) opened its first San Diego store in 2002, but the family’s love affair with chocolate began a century ago in Rio Caribe, Venezuela. Chocolate is more than just a job for Michael Antonorsi and his brother Richard, it’s a part of their heritage.

In the early 1900s, the Antonorsi’s ancestors owned Aguasanta, a legendary small farm and leading force in the criollo cacao plantation industry. The vision for Chuao Chocolatier began when, after leaving successful careers in Venezuela’s high tech industry, Michael and Richard decided to continue their family’s historic traditions.

Michael dreamed of opening up a unique chocolate boutique that beautifully blended modern-day innovations with his Venezuelan family traditions. He moved his family from Venezuela to Paris and studied at the Ecolé Superieure de Cuisine Francaise Ferrandi in Paris where he gained certification as a French Chef and also completed specialized training in Pastry and Chocolaterie at the Ecolé Lenotré.
Richard joined Michael as the strategic business manager and the family adventure began. They decided upon San Diego, where they had completed their MBAs, as the destination for the chocolate kitchen and cafes. They believed chocolate could only be as good as its prime ingredient, cacao, and thus named the company Chuao Chocolatier after the legendary criollo cacao-growing region of Chuao, Venezuela. The name not only reflected their Venezuelan heritage, but also represented a commitment to consumers: responsibly sourcing the best cacao in the world.

Michael and Richard remain committed to their ancestral roots, striving to sustain and revitalize the cacao industry in Venezuela. The company’s Aguasanta Growth Initiative provides needed funding to Venezuelan cacao farmers for plant seedlings as well as training to increase growth of their cacao crops.
Michael’s heritage, passion and culinary expertise work together to create unusual, unexpected and delicious chocolates that arouse the senses, while Richard’s business and marketing skills contribute to the foundation for this perfect partnership.

Together, Michael and Richard are redefining the way consumers experience chocolate and are enjoying their success while they write a new chapter in their family’s legacy.

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