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David Tyrone Villa

Official Festival Artist
San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

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I started painting when in college, when I signed up for an oil painting class at random.  I recognized immediately that I finally identified a mode of expressing myself. Having grown up with dyslexia, writing was always a challenge which I stayed away from. Oils, however, were simply the best way to make sense of this beautiful world that I live in and to understand my connection with humanity. Without painting I would simply be a lost soul with no passion.

I classify myself as a self-taught artist, having only taken a few classes in college to learn the basics of painting. My true understanding of painting comes from years of painting quietly in a nook of one of the many apartments I have resided in. What I have always admired most about other artists is their ability to truly create work that is completely their own. My quest is to develop my own signature style; something that I can call my own. This quest inspires me to bounce between styles of expressionism, impressionism, and, even, cubism. 

Just over a year ago, I made a goal to exhibit my work throughout San Diego as much as possible, hoping some day I could turn my dream of being a painter into a reality. This year has been an amazing ride, developing a body of work about my home town of San Diego.  I aspire to bring out the vibrant spirit of San Diego through color and harmony in a style that is unmistakably “Tyrone.” The body of work that will be displayed at the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is entitled “The Spirit San Diego.” 

The opportunity to be the featured artist for the festival is a major step towards being “That Guy”… That Guy who is living his dream!

2010 Festival Poster
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